Block print of a stick man in a swirling circle

We Review the New Single from Slummz: ‘No One Man’

There’s something mesmerizing about ‘No One Man’, the new single from post-punk quintet Slummz. It could be the sneaky, spraddle-legged earworm of a riff. It could be the wry, self-aware lyrics. Or the non-melodic vocal style, which makes me think of if Jim Morrison had decided to be a street preacher instead of a rock and roll singer.

Slummz’ sound lives deep in the garage. Their mix is loose and fuzzy, the guitars are all rough edges. It’s pleasing to hear something so deliberately unpretty when signs of organic life are so often scrubbed out of a tune. The guitars follow each other closely, but harmony is too delicate a word for the sound they make. It’s a very human sound – you hear the guys playing the guitars as much as the instruments themselves. 

There’s something moral about the sound of Connor Mayo’s vocals. Is he preachifying, politicking, or dispensing apocalyptic warnings? It’s hard to tell, but you won’t mistake it for something weightless. And at the end of the day, you’ll still be humming that riff.

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