We review the new single from Smith St Nicholas – Our Storyline

Ever feel like you’ve just completely lost yourself? You may have gone through some trauma and just felt like you had to put yourself on a shelf for a while. This is exactly what Smith St Nicholas had to do when he fell unwell. Seeking to capture the euphoric feeling of regaining what was once thought lost, ‘Our Storyline‘ shares the story of how Smith St Nicholas lost his voice for over half a decade.

For a bit more context behind the track, he was teaching English in rural China when he suddenly fell ill. The infection moved to his thought and lungs, extinguishing his ability to sing completely. Musically, the track grips you from the get-go and captures how Smith St Nicholas wanted to shout from the top of a mountain that he is back, better than ever.

Sounding somewhere like the male version of Billie Eilish and Charlie Puth’s production elements, this alternative pop wonder explains how you can always squeeze a positive out of a negative. It feels like this is a love song to himself and a gentle nudge that no matter what you’re going through, keep going and never give up on your dreams.