We review the new single from Sophie Castriota – Tell It Str8

An anthem full of defiance from Aussie singer Sophie Castriota as she promotes the virtues of self-confidence and being unapologetically yourself in her new single.

Packed full of vibrant beats to go with its message of positivity, Tell It Str8 really is a multi-layered, intriguing piece of music. At its core, an R&B track, its almost unreasonably catchy and enthralling vocals introduce you to Casriota as the incessantly talented artist that she is. Her voice combines a wonderfully alluring through the more melodic sections with a certain amount more grit through the verses to showcase a truly remarkable ability to draw you in.

Having been involved with classical music from a young age, playing violin from age four, and playing with Queensland Youth Orchestra from just eleven, it’s clear to see how she has developed such a well honey ear for musical perfection, and she displays every bit of it in this track.

By taking her clearly the immaculate ability to make tight, well-crafted music and combining it with this very modern production she projects herself away from the crowd, making her music both exciting and memorable.

By bringing together an important message of self-love and entwining it within her beautifully crafted music, she has created something with is equally as inspirational as it is listenable. Certainly, a track that should be heard far and wide, let’s hope for more to come from her soon.