We review the new single from Sour Punch – ‘Pink Lemonade’

Euphoric and buoyant, ‘Pink Lemonade’ is the brand new single from Manchester’s Alt-rockers Sour Punch. This new single packs no punches, launching straight into frenzied energetic drums and guitar riffs that set the scene aptly for the rest of the song.

Sour Punch shows excellent song management, taking it all down for the verses to allow the lyrics and vocals to stand out and to give the punchy chorus more oomph. In their own words, Sour Punch brings intricate melodies together with unruly punk rhythms and the result is sublime. It’s like Idles without the rough edges.

It is ridiculously upbeat and contains an infectious glee that you don’t want to ignore. As the chorus says itself, “I really like this!”. The chorus delivers an insatiable drive for fun and good feeling, a sentiment that is carried by the chanting vocals and driving guitar riffs.

Dynamically, ‘Pink Lemonade’ successfully gives us highs and lows, the blistering guitar solo being an excellent example of this. A particular highlight is how the solo interweaves with the final chorus to round the song off in a rousing cacophony of noise and good energy.

It is easy to get caught up in this one, and you’ll quickly find yourself singing along to the instantly memorable lyrics and chorus melodies. This song quickly became a fan favourite at live shows, and it is easy to see why. Sour Punch have released ‘Pink Lemonade’ in time for the summer, and it will definitely suit those summer party playlists. ‘Pink Lemonade’ was made with summer in mind, and the festival stages that come with the season. It’s not hard to imagine a field full of people singing this back to Sour Punch.