Where some bands release minutes-long prog-rock odysseys, Sour Punch release 90-second ragers. And where some bands reference obscure literary figures, they sample Peep Show. Fair to say, Sour Punch are a no frills, no-nonsense punk band.

Their new single ‘Take Me Home Taxi’ comes only weeks before the release of their new EP Anywhere Here Mate. What should we expect? Perhaps we should consult the band.

The Manchester trio describe themselves as’ daring, cheeky chaps’. They’re not wrong. A recent music video of theirs was recorded in a pub toilet, equally daring and cheeky.

But a third adjective could be used – grounded. ‘Take Me Home Taxi’ is brazenly unromantic. Detailing the drunken journey home from what sounds like a riotous night, the single consists largely of post-pub ramblings and barked instructions at a taxi driver.

Over strident guitars and drums, the inebriated narration begs the driver to take the cheapest route in light of the cash already spent of alcohol, cigarettes and ‘being a wreck’.

One feels for the driver. It’s 6am and these guys sound tender. ‘Your mates look tired and your girlfriend’s yawning’ they bemoan. It feels like they’ve had a night involving some hefty drinking and its likely stories will emerge in the morning.

Perhaps those stories will arrive when Sour Punch release their upcoming EP. The beauty of such unexceptional simplicity is that it leaves us wanting more. What happened on this night out? Why are they in such a state? I shudder to think but I’d love to know.