We review the new single from Souza – Out To Play

As we continually move forward down the road of indie rock and music as a whole, advancing continuously within an ever evolving music scene, there comes a question of where to go next? 

This question honestly has a multitude of answers; do we take inspiration from the old guard? Or do we push forward and create something wholly alien and new? Or something in between. All of these are appropriate answers, but Souza have generally chosen to stick with the latter of these answers on their latest single, Out To Play. 

By taking a solid foundation of indie rock, inspired by many of their greats and contemporaries alike, Souza has made a solid indie anthem that also provides something different than the introspective droning of uninspired artists who’ve no real idea of creating their own image and striking out with something unique. 

Souza do take a lot of what you expect from the genre and do add that little bit of flash to it in the back half. But it may come off as something very familiar to start with. 

With a lot of the usual guitar, bass, and drum you’d expect from the band. You can get a pretty good idea of what the band is going for, with a lot of fun energy and a lively feel. Everything feels incredibly natural and almost like your sitting in on a jam session with the band. It flows incredibly well and is an all-around good time as if the band is quite literally “out to play”. 

It’s in the back half where the guitar kicks into overdrive and turns the genre to a complete rock’n’roll style. Kicking in a guitar solo where most bands would have gone for another chorus and a small bridge to close out. It’s a breath of fresh air and keeps things interesting for the back end of the track. And on a 4-minute long song, that’s exactly what’s needed to keep that energy up. 

Overall, there are a lot of good drum licks, guitar rock out moments, and a fantastic energy filled lyrical delivery from Souza’s incredibly talented vocalist. But Out To Play also shows the range and imagination that the band have, and it sets them apart just that little bit more than a lot of bands on the scene. 

New and interesting things are born from imagination and talent, and Souza isn’t lacking in either department. This track just shows that and shows how much fun they’re having along the way.