We review the new single from Stay for Tomorrow – Lipstick Lips

Fizzing with energy from the get go, ‘Lipstick Lips’ is an explosion of Pop Punk excitement and attitude. A vibrant release from Dunfermline’s own rockers Stay for Tomorrow, ‘Lipstick Lips’ delivers every Pop Punk trope with energy and positivity.

Stay for Tomorrow describe this single as “a story of self-assertive retaliation against an ex”. The lyrics declare they will never find anyone better, “all you’ll find are the lipstick lips and the stereotypes”. This song relies on stereotypes, fitting itself neatly into the Pop Punk box, and whilst not overly original musically, this release does showcase another side to the band, creating contrast in their existing discography.

Raucous guitars that are brimming with attitude give this song instant Pop Punk vibes, as the lyrics pop and fizz with characteristic angst and a light dose of humour. The opening guitar rings out like a call to arms, reigniting memories of summers spent listening to Green Day and Tony Hawk’s game soundtracks, ‘Lipstick Lips’ captures a feeling of nostalgia that is sure to resonate with many. It’s buoyant energy makes it a perfect release for summer, and will no doubt outlast the season with a catchy melody that roots itself in your after one listen.

Pop Punk has the fantastic ability to partner dour lyrics with upbeat and positive music, and ‘Lipstick Lips’ delivers on this as well. Get ready to jump about the room in frenzied excitement, shouting out the words you didn’t know you knew. This is a strong and bold release for Stay for Tomorrow, a brilliant development of their brand whilst staying cohesive to their roots.