With a band ready to hit the scenes, Ste Walker teases us with some of his solo work as Walker & The Infidels wait in the wings.

For now, we have the new track from Walker, Bittersweet Emotion. We can easily hear a vibrant Punk sensibility that has something to say. 

A blistering, fast-paced track that clocks in below the 3-minute mark, standard for the genre. Rather than just making sweeping points about the state of current public affairs, it points to a more personal journey and the way we get swept up in life. 

Starting out with its fast-paced arrangement, we are treated to an excellent sound mix that lets every facet of the track stretch its legs. From the pronounced bass and punchy guitar chords to the hard hitting drums, and vocals that bring Walker’s thick accent out to shine. 

Every single element of the track feels like it could be reviewed in detail and ad nauseam, purely down to how intricate and on point they are. With limited space and an absolutely gushing feel, it’d be more interesting to go into detail about the story being told here. 

We’re treated to a full breadth of emotion and personal journey of how our subject reminisces about a lost friendship and mixed emotions towards a friend. Emotions are bittersweet, they recount their initial meeting, adventures together, and subsequent distancing in the post-school years. It’s something that many will experience as life draws people in different directions and puts them at odds.

This isn’t an uncommon trope to be told in a song, but when combined with a somber yet upbeat musical track, that’s stellar in its execution, we are left with a near-flawless track that’s as close to perfection as possible.