We review the new single from Stilla – About You Now

Young Melbourne artist Stilla puts a twist on a Sugababes classic with her latest release ‘About You Now’.
In the second of four covers to be featured on an upcoming EP (the first being a sleek version of The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’ released back in June) – we’re treated to a soulful rendition of the 2007 pop hit made famous by the British girl group.

In contrast to the original which used an uptempo dance-pop beat with light electronic sounds, Stilla’s version strips this right back. Where it lacks in Sugababes sass, it more than makes up for in sweet soulful vibes. As a collaboration with pianist and producer Cam Noble – we’re treated to a much more minimal approach.

Stilla’s honeyed vocals breathe new life into the track, with the lyrics cutting even deeper than before. “Can we bring yesterday back around? ‘Cause I know how I feel about you now”
Indeed that desperation of wanting a second chance with someone is almost palpable.

By bringing a gorgeously echoey sound and slowed down pace to such a well-known pop track – Stilla has managed to make this her own. If you’re digging her sound – two more covers will be released very soon, before the artist’s first original single arrives this December. One to watch.