We review the new single from Strawberry Swing – Bennie (Won’t Dance)

Who is Bennie? And why won’t she dance with Strawberry Swing?

These seem to be some of the all-important questions that come out of the Australian band’s brand new single ‘Bennie (Won’t Dance)’.

This upbeat, jumpy pop tune walks you through the story of Bennie and all the music heroes she’s been hanging out with. From Mick Jagger to Billy Joel, to David Bowie, Bennie seems to be getting along with everyone, except clearly not the singer, as the vocals frustratedly repeat the lyrics ‘Bennie won’t dance with me’ all through the choruses.

Whilst the meaning behind this tale is never really made obvious, it’s hard to deny that this three-minute bop isn’t fun.

Utilising a classic piano-pop sound that feels familiar and friendly, you just can’t help but want to bounce along. It makes it easy to ignore any nit-picks you might have with the track. Yes, it does sound a bit messy at times, with instruments seeming to clash with each other and the vocals, but this is quickly overlooked when the positive feel of the song gets to you.

Being only the first release since their 2021 debut EP ‘Taste The Berry’, I’m sure we can hope for a lot more from Strawberry Swing before the year is out. It’d be nice to see them keep moving forward to get better and better.

For now, give ‘Bennie (Won’t Dance) a listen, and let us know what you think!