We Review The New Single From Suave Martyrs – Leonine Lover

The lockdown ashes have seen a phoenix rise in the revamped Suave Martyrs who present their new single, Leonine Lover.

From the fairground keys to fuzzy vocals and fat guitar chords, you’re given a mixture of indie and hard-rock. The group compares themselves to a mixture of Happy Mondays and King Gizzard which I appreciate and understand but I’m not hearing that in Leonine Lover.

What I’m hearing is the direction Arctic Monkeys have gone in with more abstract instrumentation. What Suave Martyrs do which the Arctics don’t provide is a blistering burst of sound with roaring guitar noise.

The general feel of the song is an onslaught on the senses from the age-old microphones to the wall of guitars filling out the background sound, barely giving the drums an opportunity to break on through.

It’s a gritty piece that has fire in its instrumentation and a vocal style I’d like to see being pushed as far as it can go. The tones both vocally and instrumentally match well with each other and add a black and white feeling to a song that definitely feels red and bloody.