We review the new single from Sugarmoon – Try a Little

Like something straight out of a musical, ‘Try A Little‘ is theatrical and sleazy in every way possible. The latest adventure from folk-pop, cross-genre outfit Sugarmoon is armed with an easy-listening persona whilst still holding onto a complicated arrangement.

Illustrating the band in a different limelight, the track holds onto yesteryears songwriting while sounding refreshingly up to now due to the polished production.

Bathed with ear-worm vocals and harmonies, the track’s melody soars with excitement for a stunning future ahead. The vocalist’s tone sounds like some of the nation’s favourite legends, and as for their vibrato – out of this world.

The only improvement for the track would be to maybe end on the chorus or something that grabs your attention further. Singing ‘you could be happy’ on loop felt slightly repetitive and in places, like a safe option. Saying that, try getting the melody out of your head! Tough, right?

In conclusion, ‘Try A Little’ definitely pulls off folk-pop perfectly. It doesn’t try and comes across as effortless performed and another string to the band’s distinctive bow. One of the finest attires in Bristol, Sugarmoon should be at the top of your list to see live.