We review the new single from Suncharmer – Romance

A plain and simple love song. With a name like ‘Romance’ you could’ve guessed, and you wouldn’t be wrong. This indie-acoustic track has no deceiving side to it. 

In comparison to their previous tracks, the Tunbridge Wells band have reduced the distortion and taken things down a notch. Their relaxed 70s attitude, combined with a 60s-inspired country twist, makes for a nostalgic and peaceful listen.

Sometimes, when rock bands take an attempt at a softer song you run the risk of some elements not adjusting with the song. But Suncharmer are not troubled with this issue. Each instrument plays its part, supporting the song without being over the top.

Suncharmer describe themselves as ‘a unique take on modern indie rock’. Whilst they clearly have their sound, ‘Romance’ isn’t something we haven’t heard from others.

How many times have you heard a track about getting away and watching the moonlight together? Too many times to count, and whilst ‘Romance’ is an enjoyable listen, it does little to be refreshing.

It may be catchy, and it may be well put together, but you wouldn’t listen to it and instantly identify it as a Suncharmer song.

The band seem to know the formula for a nifty indie track, but I’d be keen to see how they can experiment and put their own spin on things. If they can find their own niche then things could very quickly be looking up for the group.