We review the new single from Supera Morza – Roadkill

With just one previous single under their belts, Supera Morza’s second single, Roadkill is a real barn burner that is all about hatred. 

Blurring the lines between grunge and punk, with the more dour and downbeat sound of grunge mixing with the anger and hard-edged feel of punk. 

It’s a real whirlwind that Supera Morza got swept up in, with their debut single, Scrubber getting universal praise and putting them on a lot of peoples radars. Roadkill is a much more wicked kind of track, with its outright explicit expression of hate. 

The short length of the track makes it immediately evident that there’s a strong punk influence at play, one that’s backed up by the no nonsense, high energy feel of the track. With a lot going on from start to finish, there’s a lot to unpack throughout. 

Due to the short length, and ever-changing aspects to the track, there’s no real structure, which is in no way a bad thing. Rather it lends itself nicely to the spirit of the song. It’s a swift and borderline deranged outburst of energy and emotion distilled into an angry song. 

The drums give off a machine gun aspect to them, one that never truly reloads for the entire run time, instead just stepping it up and fitting in a huge amount of beats in the tightly packed tempo. Similarly, the guitars give off a noise like something that’s being tortured, filling the air with screeches and harsh scratchy notes that lend well to the track. Finally, the bass is crunchy and heavy, with a similarly strained feel as the guitar and drums, as though it’s being pushed to breaking point as well. 

Vocals are something all their own, with both the lead and backing vocals adding even more to that high tension feel. Giving a very real and guttural performance that keeps up the strained feel, and completely lets loose at the end. It’s a performance that’s rough, unrefined, and raw. It’s a double edged sword, as it’s very real, but will only fill a certain niche of listeners. Then again, the overall feel is going and style is what’s going to attract a lot of genre fans to Supera Morza. With Punk fans aplenty more than likely be the ones to check this out. 

Roadkill, at its heart, is a downright filthy song. It’s filled with rough moments, and points where everything sounds like it’s about to explode. But it also encapsulates exactly what Supera Morza is going for, something raw, real, visceral, and punk as hell. And it captures that feeling to a tee. It shows that Scrubber wasn’t just some flash in the pan and that Supera Morza has plenty more to give.