We review the new single from TASKRZ – Idols

This new single from Birmingham band TASKRZ marries a real grittiness with powerful riffs and a thunderous drum track to create an angry yet entrancing sound that will sweep you off your feet.

Stomping around the ground between rock and metal, its confrontational tone hits you immediately from the get-go and fails to relent throughout, leaving you both shaken and thirsty for more when it comes to an abrupt end. Menacing rumbles of bass and guitar provide a deep rawness to the instrumentals as they rip and rumble their way through the track, and they are matched in their piercing volatility by the equally in-your-face vocals. 

A track that was first conceived during the infancy of the group back in 2012, Idols has evolved over a decade to become the track we are all hearing today, and you cannot deny it has been worth the wait. For all its rawness it definitely still presents a real clarity of sound, with all the time that has gone into perfecting it is evident through every inch of the track.

Lyrically taking on feelings of isolation as well as worship of false idols, it explains the ire which is so intertwined with the energy of the track. Rather than tackling these feelings with gloom or self-pity, it feels like they smash through any grimness with trademark aggression and a real feeling of defiance to break through them, with frenetic and engrossing results.

This is a track that is rooted in emotion. It’s what rock music should be, packed full of energy and honesty which forces you to listen and understand it. A piece of brilliance worth all of the ten years it took to develop.