We review the new single from Taurine – Lots Of People Don’t Like Having Queers Around (I Don’t Care)

Raw, energetic, and heavy from the get-go, Taurine are here to make their stand and they literally don’t care if you’ve got a problem with it. Their new single ‘Lots Of People Don’t Like Having Queers Around (I Don’t Care)’ is here, and ready for your ears.

A series of tension-building starts and stops are used to introduce the song, until it eventually erupts into the announcement of ‘I don’t care’. One that you should expect at least just a few more times throughout the remainder of the track.

Talking about themselves, the band explain they address ‘topics such as politics, individuality and equality, their music has a strong emphasis on the importance of togetherness and freedom of expression, conveying a sentiment that anyone can identify with; disillusionment at modern life and sense of freedom’.

Whether you’re a fan of Taurine’s heavy-hitting sound, you have to admire what they’re writing about. It’s something you’d hope we start to see supported more and more, in both the Manchester music scene and further afield.

We’re lucky enough, however, that we get the message delivered via an emphatic punk song that you can chant along to.

Taurine is just one example of the incredible queer music scene in Manchester, a scene that should be celebrated and supported. They are one of the city’s exciting up-and-coming bands from a long but esteemed list and you should certainly bother to keep an eye on them.