We review the new single from Teeff – Find Out

If there’s any way to release your first song on a label then this is the way to do it. Yorkshire two-piece Teeff have just signed to Elephant Arch Records and now release their newest single ‘Find Out’, and it’s one for those who like a good sing-along.

Taking what can only be described as a natural step when transitioning to a label, this track takes a more easy on the ears approach than their previous releases. 

Melodic, slower, and more emotional, ‘Find Out’ achieves the fine balance between personal and anthemic. It plays the listener well, subtly moving from nonchalant verses to big, catchy choruses. Meanwhile, intricate guitar parts gradually become more intense as you fall deeper into the song. 

‘Find Out’ is the second release of a three track commentary on post-Brexit England. Following the persuasive ‘England Today’, ‘Find Out’ is ‘telling the side of the story from a socially-conscious younger generation’. A post-Brexit theme is one that you might roll your eyes at the thought of at first, but it’s not something you hear all the time and it might actually surprise you. You never know.

Gaining support even from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, if Teeff are just coming onto your radar then you can probably expect them to creep further and further in. The best thing you can hope for is that they keep up the momentum of likable and, arguably, more importantly, original music.

If they can do that then expect to hear about the Yorkshire two-piece more and more in the future.