Nordic brilliance. Simply incredible work from Oslo born duo Temperature Falls. An alternative masterpiece filled with huge wailing synth lines, intricate guitar work and a vocal performance more haunting than most I’ve ever heard.

‘Protagonist’ is a track which ultimately seems to defy genre and defies rules. There are so many different influences and inspirations mixed into one track that the track is genuinely mind bending at every point through the music.

One of the many strong points of this almost cinematic piece of music is the level of production which has been used on it. Every instrument and every layer is just sat perfectly in its place just building the track into the piece that it is. The electronic drums are also just about the best I have heard mixed from any up-and-coming band. Just incredible that this duo are actually still so early into their career, purely based on the maturity of their sound.

Temperature Falls have seen recent success with placements on notable Spotify editorial playlists and it’s extremely clear to see why they’d fit into any alt-lovers playlist. Even the music video for this song is great. Really, if you’re reading this and haven’t already checked out Temperature Falls, you really should! Great work and a track which I really don’t have a bad word to say about.