We review the new single from The Avenues – Beautiful Shoes 

Spritely four piece from Hull are releasing their EP ‘The View’s Amazing’ soon but the single track Beautiful Shoes is everything you want in an indie track, from the vocals down to the mixing, The Avenues have knocked this one out of the park. 

An experimental introduction leads us swiftly into a catchy guitar riff that is packed with energy. The tone is excellent and the notes played are simple yet tasteful.

The rhythm guitar helps this song to chug along later on, and gives a big feel to the sound of this tune. It is such a classic sound that these boys are putting out and the positivity and energy is something we need more than ever at the moment. 

As for the vocal performance, it is impeccable, with a tone that encapsulates nostalgia and American indie rock. This is matched by lyricism, which attempts to address manipulation from the media and how we see what they want us to see. At a time of chaos in politics and media, this song is needed. 

All of you indie-rock fans are going to love this one, it’s the epitome of this genre. If you like this, you’ll love their EP!