Self Made Billionaire Bad Actors
Self Made Billionaire Bad Actors


Taking on the higher echelons with the gripes of the common worker, Bad Actors return with their firey new single, Self Made Billionaire. The funk-rock duo featuring Remi of former Sheffield greats We Are Southpaw, combat many levels of funk rock with a slight indie twist.

This high-energy piece combines quickfire guitar riffs over steady drum beats. The pre-chorus teases the listener before descending into the gritty and grooving structure. The verses feature many clever tongue-in-cheek lyrics referencing attitudes from so-called ‘self-made billionaires. The lyrics are cheeky and full of spite against a society that questions rather than assists.

The main chorus line “You could be like me if you just get out of bed” is a reminiscent tale of that one girl who said we all have the same 24 hours. A large amount of the population works hard for a measly pay packet and The Bad Actors don’t want the 1% to forget that. Like acts such as Rage Against The Machine, the group balances bouncing riffs, gritty attitudes, but the Bad Actors produce many different playing styles.

The guitar tones a sugary sweet in the verse as the notes ring out, very late-70s style. The neck tone, mixed with the bass gives the music a positive vibe. The bridge lets the guitars roar as Remi plays with a variety of guitar pedal options. Hitting a certain pedal reminiscent of an aforementioned group. The closing chorus thumps away with every tight snare hit and chunky chords.

Vocally, Remi has a voice that suits the sarcastic and simultaneously serious nature. His clear-cutting approach and moments of laughter and vocal breaks add a further edge to the group. They aren’t here to mess around (maybe throw a few moves on stage), they have important messages to get across to many audiences. However, they are creatively getting stuck into their instruments and the wide range that Funk Rock holds.