We review the new single from The Banquets – Mary Mary

With today’s very pronounced sexual revolution when it comes to a multitude of things, such as the acceptance and embracement of a range of sexualities and genders. Mary Mary is a very clear and risqué product of this revolution when it comes to the topics use and impact within music. 

With a consistently repeated guitar riff and bass arrangement for the entire run time, it’s a very consistent and catchy song. Taking elements of old school blues rock and a very simple, head on approach to the entire song’s style, The Banquets give the listener a clear look at what’s going on from the outset. There’s no inclination that the music itself is going to reinvent the wheel, taking a much safer route musically than most up and coming musicians. But sometimes the simplest solution is the best, and it works out nicely. 

The lyrics on the other hand are the much more interesting part of the track, utilising innuendo, a vibrato styled vocal performance, and an air of cheekiness in the delivery to paint a picture. Mary Mary is very clear in its message and commentary on female sexuality. It takes the idea of a girl on a night out, one in which she is hit with different feelings, and ends with her “experimentation” and a personal sexual revolution. 

Whether it is written from personal experience is only for The Banquets to know, but regardless, it’s a fantastic celebration of freedom and sexuality which does show how far sensibilities have come. Along with this is the conversation surrounding female musicians, and how different perspectives and sounds can be found when a woman takes up the vocals. Mary Mary, would be a much sleazier and all round more uncomfortable experience if it were to have been sung from a man’s perspective. With a female vocalist, the sexiness and risqué factor is turned up to eleven. 

In conclusion, Mary Mary is a very interesting track that has a solid backing track, one that’s serviceable and safe in it’s delivery. And as the vocals and lyrics reflect a very different picture, we’re left with a song that pushes the boat out. It’s definitely worth the listen and shows that songwriting doesn’t just have to be about writing an amazing guitar solo or hitting the exact right beat.