We Review The New Single From The Battery Farm – Wooden Spoon Number

With their debut album on the way, Manchester punk rockers The Battery Farm gives us an insight into what to expect from their full-length work with Wooden Spoon Number.

The band has been blowing up the north rock scene all year following the success of their EP, Dirty Den’s March Of Suffering. Building up from their guttural punk stylings and gritty influences, the group smash out another dose of variety with pounding verses and brutal bridge sections.

Each instrument is given a devoted section from the electronic notes smashing away like a modern IDLES track, gyrating guitars that burst from nowhere, and the dancing bass that sees the track on a softer more touching note.

The Battery Farm are a group with a lot of ferocity behind their lyrical and instrumental delivery with each snare hit feeling like a bullet and the notable experience behind front-man Benjamin’s words are like daggers of injustice.

The Battery Farm is providing a unique sound that really steps away from the vast majority of Manchester bands. With their big chorus moments mixed in with their fuzzy and crunchy instrumental interludes, they’re a group accessing the accessible, engrossing, and uncomfortable elements of punk rock.

From an EP that felt like it had moments of sickly Nine Inch Nails-esc sounds that created an overall filthy sound, The Battery Farm is taking things to an 11 on their beautifully-produced upcoming album.