We review the new single from The Battery Farm – Working Class Lad

The Manchester outfit has done it again with their signature gutter punk style.

I really loved the way Working class lad made me feel. It exudes a sour attitude, the kind of attitude that every punk song should have. It is gnarly and raw, it is well structured yet chaotic.

From the very first fuzzy, stabbing guitar chord, to the guttural anguished shouts on the outro. The energy of this thumping tune is decisive as an arrow and just as powerful; the cacophony of well mixed instruments and shouty vocals erupt seamlessly together into an aggressive and comprehensive chorus. I think my stank-face lasted a good couple of hours after my first listen.

The lyrics are punky, punchy and rightly repetitive. There is a clear message, an identity crisis that is driven home by powerful and emotive vocals. A strained voice with lots of emphasis on the pronunciation of select words is effective in carrying the song; it almost acts as another instrument in the way it ebbs and flows with the dramatic instrumentals.

You really hear the manc’ accent coming through, but with a definitive and unique style. Unlike some other bands, I can think of… I’m looking at you Liam Gallagher wannabes, just stop it now yeah?

I really appreciated the production choices. The mix on the track gives each element of the song space which creates a very satisfying listening experience. The reverb on the guitar creates an apprehensive atmosphere, the vocals sit in the mix as competently as a well-trained Labrador, and the drums exude controlled aggression throughout.

Make sure you get on this track, if you haven’t listened to Battery Farm yet and need something unique and fresh to listen to then I highly recommend them.