New single “The Narrative” from North Wales based band The Cazales is an indie rock love ballad that is full of warmth and waves of layered sound that give the track a beautifully kaleidoscopic affect.  

Beginning with melodic guitar chords that weave in and out of an echoing backing instrumental “The Narrative” has an instant hypnotic quality to it. With the lead singers’ vocals gracefully souring over this sonic fusion the acoustic guitar and pacing drum beat give the track an undeniable indie rock feel. “The Narrative” really feels like it’s taking you on a journey through sound in a way that is engaging with added sudden pace changes and the lead singers’ extensive vocal range being shown off towards the end of the track.

With good production and a captivating song structure the professionalism of this band is clear. Lyrically, the track displays delightful capability speaking of the urge to impress and win over a potential lover with lines such as “check out my love CV, embellished work of art” and “an interception from a force I was subtly misled” that are charmingly phrased.  

There is an ageless and enduring feel to this track that must be emphasised in its smooth and fluent pace that gives the song a timeless feel. This combined with classic indie acoustics and poetic lyricism gives the song a reminiscence of 60s/70s rock and pop music that transports the listener back in time.  

Overall, “The Narrative” is a track which shows that The Cazales have bags of potential as an indie rock band and is a timeless and elegantly flowing track that is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.