A swirly pink and blue octopus is the cover image for The Churchill Garden's new single Always There.

We Review the new single from The Churchhill Garden – Always There

Once in a while a song comes along that wins you over instantly. ‘Always There’, a guitar-pop dream from The Churchill Garden, is one of them.

‘Always There’ creeps up on you with a restrained, infectious drum beat. Then it opens up into icy guitars and a dreamy, ultra-pure vocal from Krissy Vanderwoude.  This song has a hammer in each fist and one to spare; an irresistible melody, soaringly complex guitars that sing, and a chunky, convincing bottom end. 

The song has a pop sensibility which suggests that in any other hands, it would have been produced solely on a bunch of computers. Instead we get an irresistible pop anthem built on ten tons of jangly guitars. Anybody out there remember rock music you can dance to?

The Churchhill Garden is a studio project led by multi-instrumentalist Andy Jossi. While most rock singles are produced with live performance in mind, that’s not true here. Jossi says gigs were never part of his ambitions. But he avoids the common pitfalls of studio wizardry to produce a gutsy, singable tune.

Jossi’s instincts are incisive and melodic. He never forgets the song while exploring the textures of sound. And while he freely references guitar pop greats, the song itself rings with authenticity.  The result is a memorable single that’s rooted in the past and unmistakably of the moment.