The Covasettes are an indie pop group from Manchester. Mixing catchy guitar riffs and indie disco type drum beats, they found their crowd fairly early on around 2018, just a couple of years after forming.

Big Dreamer, their newest single, has all the trademarks that the band does really well, that high up guitar playing that is almost like a nursery rhyme tune that gets stuck in your head. The lovely, fun bass line that holds the track together, and the cool, calm drumming. It really shows a step up from these guys, in terms of songwriting and production overall.

Lyrically, this song fits so perfectly, hitting the rhythmic beats while getting across a classic indie love story. However the main hard hitting in this track definitely comes from the lead guitar. Following along the vocals for parts, taking back the centre stage when the singing stops, giving tastes of this dancey, joyful disco. There is absolutely no fault in this guitar writing, playing and execution.

On the whole, this track really shows a step up from these guys. Where before they have had similar tracks, they never hit the energy and bliss this one hits. I almost wish the song was longer just to hear more of it, as when it ends it seems a bit abrupt. But on the whole I can’t find much wrong with this track, definitely a future festival anthem.