We review the new single from The Distance – ‘Is This All There Is’

Blues heavy guitar riffs and soul-searching lyrics characterise this debut release from Sheffield based Country duo The Distance. Born out of the 2020 lockdown, The Distance compiles their eclectic musical history into a new project that delivers a grungy and gritty country sound. Their new single ‘Is This All There Is’ embodies this aesthetic, and questions the busy world around us.

Simple instrumentation and arrangement allow the message of this song to take centre stage, as the lyrics ponder if there is more to life than busy people rushing around. This is highlighted in the official music video which contrasts busy roads around the UK, and grey London city scenes, with beautiful images of the countryside and coast around the UK. The juxtaposition created in this video create a striking narrative that will resonate with many.

The rootsy guitar lines are a wonderful feature of this single, and really strive to embolden the country rock aesthetic of the song and duo. This is then complimented beautifully by the slowly growing vocal harmonies that pepper ‘Is This All There Is’, creating a sense of growing disillusionment with modern life.

‘Is This All There Is’ lacks dynamics and melodic progression, but this serves to strengthen the message of seeking a way out from the mundanity of modern life that we have trapped ourselves in. The lack of progression in this single could be interpreted as a key character in the development of their narrative, however there does feel a need for some build-up or climax to really bring this song to life. Both the track and video are beautifully produced, and there is great promise for both these songwriters, but it does not feel like the best is on show just yet. It will be exciting to see what comes next from these two.

Watch the video for ‘Is This All There Is’ Here