American indie outfit The Dobermans return with their melodic new single She Loves Everyone. 

Having shared a plethora of new tracks over the last few years, they have slowly but surely developed a very solid base. With a very strong back catalogue now behind them, they are quickly becoming a band whom, once you discover, you can really go down a wormhole and get lost in their music. 

Hailing from Milwaukee, their sound is more reminiscent of the UK indie scene than their US contemporaries. Glittering and unrelenting guitar riffs provide a wonderful platform for the more mellow vocals to atop, giving it that strangely British feel in points. The instrumentals throw you back to early ‘00s indie which swept our country, reminiscent of The Rifles, whilst the echoing, slightly distorted vocals transform it into something more Radiohead-esque. 

Both lyrically and musically it feels like in She Loves Everyone they have settled into their sound a little more than their past efforts. Some of their previous tracks have felt a little more experimental, sometimes working and sometimes not. With this release though, it seems they are finally comfortable with their sound, and why wouldn’t they be when they have honed it in so well. 

What they have created here is, in essence, a well polished, well produced indie track. It may not burst through any new barriers, but everything it does, it does very well. It is certainly worth taking a listen below.

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