ELEGANT CHASERS The World Is Lost At Midnight
ELEGANT CHASERS The World Is Lost At Midnight


Maz Loizou, otherwise known as The Elegant Chasers returns with another huge single in 2024. His latest track, The World Is Lost At Midnight delves into experimental rock territory with a sonic aura bleeding out of it.

I first had the pleasure of reviewing The Elegant Chasers on the single Running Around The Sun. The blending of classic 90s bands and delving into well-produced prog territory can easily be said here. You can hear a lot of Porcupine Tree with the way Loizou has mixed the track. He produces a daunting rhythm guitar riff playing throughout the track which is a mood setter. Guitar leads melt into the bridge and create this engaging aromatic feeling of pure rock exploration.

The Elegant Chasers have a love for all things sonic and expresseses their music to a masterful degree. The track is as deep lyrically as it is musically, with the track subject talking about where things go wrong in youth. Subjects such as bullying and racism litter the track, but are met with an optimistic climax on getting better. The verse rhythms with effects pedals galore create a nostalgic dream-like environment as if we’re looking into Loizou’s memories.

The Walton-on-Thames songwriter has delved into a goodie bag of gothic and guitar-eccentric influences. By doing so he lets the music do a lot of the talking for him. Vocally, the verses and choruses are as dreamy as the sonic guitar sounds with gothic harmonies. The Elegant Chasers are no stranger to layering effects onto vocals as much as they are with guitars, but it all blends… elegantly.

To say this is the artist’s third single in just over half a year emphasises to desire to improve and explore as an experimental rock musician. He treats you to an impressive minute of guitar solos and roaring distortion that never feels like letting up. The writing and developing sounds invite you in as you drown in a technicolour of sound.

All positives aside, The Elegant Chasers are the perfect example of an artist showing progression in their craft. In a short space of time, we have seen him develop their expressionistic sound in vibrant directions. Whilst the music itself is galant and mesmerising, the lyrics and themes deal with touching and emotive subjects. The Elegant Chasers keep my ears close to the grindstone as I await more exciting music.