This new track from Surrey artist The Elegant Chasers see’s their unique sound reach even higher levels than previously. Experimental in both content and sound, this is a track which really grips you and etches itself into your mind.

The musical project of multi-instrumentalist Maz Loizou, The Hungry Ghost is his second single release since the debut album, Sentimental Dust, in 2022. Taking on production duties as well as writing and creating the music itself, he has once again managed to overcome such a task and created another strong piece.

Inspired by In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts, a book which explores addiction, its roots and its causes, there is an underlying darkness which is really replicated in the sound. There’s a grunginess to The Hungry Ghost to a greater extent than what we’ve seen from him before. Its also achieves a much bigger and heavier sound than he did with his debut album, testament perhaps to the dark subject matter which inspired the lyrics.

Their previous single release to this one, Running Around The Sun, came after a slight hiatus and what they described as a ‘turbulent year’. That, though, must only make it all the sweeter to now be back and undoubtably hitting greater heights than ever before. Incorporating live companion Mr Pritchard on percussion for this new track may have also helped him hit those heights, but the one thing that’s definite, he is back.

The Hungry Ghost tackles deep lyrical content. He takes on almost unparalleled responsibility for such a big sound. He’s doing it all off the back off a slight break. Yes somehow, he keeps getting better.

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