We review the new single from The Feels – Your Mind

Without a doubt, Your Mind is heavily inspired by the kings of pop music both old and new. With it’s heavy dance beats that are filled with intricate effects and smooth vocals, it shows that The Feels are one viral song away from hitting the big time. 

Stating themselves how The Weeknd inspired them heavily, it’s clear to see. Your Mind is a track that is filled with bombastic drums, funky guitars and a bass that runs so deep that you can feel it. 

Starting out with the drum beat, there’s a very low down, laid back style of tempo that keeps the track nice and easy. Nothing too vigorous, instead evoking a much more easy going feel that’s reflective of the songs overall themes. The initial drum beat that runs the general tempo is accentuated by a variety of percussion, including chimes, scratchy maraca style sounds and what sounds like a cymbal crash run backwards. 

The guitars are mixed in lightly, taking a back seat and joining the synth and other effects. Acting as gentle flourishes that run throughout the song, they add a lot of flavour to each individual moment. It shows that the composition isn’t just the same beat run back over and over as the lyrics do the work. Instead there’s clear though put into every individual moment of the track from start to finish. 

The Feels as a duo show a very clear talent and love for their craft. Both members have been in multiple music projects for a while now, with this being a project focused on taking a great pop beat and perfecting it. Without a doubt, Your Mind is the perfect conclusion that experiment. It shows excellent technical application, alongside original songwriting and an attention to detail that’s worth applauding. There’s a real chance that The Feels could break out into the mainstream at any moment with just the right person recognising them.