We review the new single from The Fiends – Small Talk

Friends without the R, The fiends are a 5-piece alternative Indie Rock band with a touch of punk all the way from Swansea. The members of the band are Ethan Goslett on Lead Vocals, Ben Ballantyne and Ceulan Williams on Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Josh Albrighton on Bass & Backing Vocals and Benjamin Quint on Drums & Backing Vocals.

Formed during the global pandemic and writing music through lockdown, the band released their debut single “Glitz & Glamour” on 5th February 2021 – receiving 1000+ streams in the first 24 hours, the band has just kick-started and trust me, you don’t want to miss out.

You won’t need a date to enjoy your Valentine’s day, as The Fiends’ newest release ‘Small Talk’ will make its debut that day. What I can assure you of is that this band is everything else but small talk. The general story-line of the song follows an introspective narrative as the lead singer nonchalantly exposes the truth behind love and romance. It’s not all pink for some of us and this song makes it okay. 

The singer uses vocables, and intonations throughout as you would on stage to add to the dynamic and entertain the listener until the end, where he confidently belts the lyrics more emotionally and heart-felt. His tone of voice is relaxing yet very alluring which you will fall for immediately. If you want to let out some anger whilst listening to honest lyrics without cringing and still be able to enjoy an indie vibe, this song is for you. 

The gritty electric guitar rhythmic sets the tone of the track, giving it an edgy feel right from the start. The instrumental sounds progressively cleaner, as the singer blesses our ears with a soft yet insisting tone. The drums follow consistent yet incessant energy which shapes the songs story-line, in accordance with the other instrumentals/vocals. 

His singing reflects a very common paradox that a lot of young people face in today’s society: by trying to sound unconcerned but really, overthinking things over and over again because what is love without drama!