We review the new single from The France – California

From smooth indie to funky-synth pop, The France’s latest single ‘California’ has undergone a huge transformation, courtesy of the amazing Sidelmann.  It wasn’t too long ago that I was listening to this song for the first time and raving about it to all of my friends – it had everything, so I thought.

But to be woken up to a brand-new take on the song, well that was like Christmas coming early.

Sidlemann, who has previously made remixes for the likes of Avicii and Flo Rida, has gone above and beyond to produce a masterpiece from an already incredible song. Managing to maintain all of its unique tastes, such as the vibrant quirk of the baseline and the lion-hearted percussion, the little tweaks that have been added to the song simply take it to a whole new level.

For example, by isolating the vocals at the very start of the remix instantly dramatizes the whole piece, leaving you anticipating when the track is about to take off. Heart racing and chest-pounding, you know what’s about to come. And that’s when the chorus hits. Instantly increasing its tempo with the pulsing beats, you are bombarded with a musical massacre of just pure greatness.

A little bit of synth, a little bit of guitar, a little bit remixed vocals. It is a sensation. And yet that summer vibe that the song carried originally has only gone up. It makes you want to leave right then and there and get on a plane to California. Seriously!

Like I have said in my previous review, there is not a single thing to fault about this song. And thanks to Sidelmann, the effortless talent from the band have has only been amplified to its full potential. So, if you’re still looking for an all-time indie summer classic, then ‘California’ is still the song for you.