Type Of Days The Height
Type Of Days The Height


Three lads who have been making a name for themselves and taking Manchester by storm are back with a brand-new single. The Height, otherwise known as John Denton, Brandon Greenhalgh and Ted Ellis captures classic indie sounds on their new track, Type Of Days.

Type Of Days is the sixth single to be released by the trio and their first of 2024 after dominating with their indie flare the previous year. The Salford boys have received praise from Smiths legend, Johnny Marr and featured on David Beckham’s Instagram. The crazy part is that this is the youngest band I have reviewed with John being the tender age of 13.

It’s no surprise how the band has already sold out venues like the infamous Salford Lads Club. They’ve also played to audiences of up to 700 people with their catchy music. From the jangly chords that reminisce the group’s 80s heroes, the raw Salford accent will easily hook in indie lovers.

Type Of Days is a rhythmic dream encompassing a mixture of 60’s rock and modern indie twang. The song doesn’t let up for the listener. In terms of tempo with a sweet 2:42 track length, a song like this would make an old radio DJ’s eyes turn to cartoon dollar signs. Type Of Days is a love of guitar indie rock with clear-cutting riffs featuring an innocent rawness reflecting the band’s age.

Lyrically, the track commentates on everyday life for a teenager in Salford; who would know better than the band themselves? The upbeat nature feels uplifting as the track talks about changes and the unknowing. The unknowing isn’t fearful and whatever journey for these lads will be an intriguingly adventurous one.

If you want your 2024 to be full of nostalgic yet new and exciting indie rock then look no further. The dancing riffs and monotone vocals will have you hitting the replay button. There’s no doubt that there will be a lot of hype for The Height this year. The group is venturing away from Manchester, but not without playing great venues like The Deaf Institute.

You know when you can see something special about to happen in music. I saw it previously when reviewing The Lathums a few years ago. Watch out for The Height because they might just be the next big thing.