Fear The Hiddn
Fear The Hiddn


All one has to do is blink and before you know it, Brighton’s The Hiddn is back with another grungey single. Their previous single, Whatevrman delved into the acoustic territory, however with their new single Fear, the group is back with roaring electric sounds.

Fear capitalises on the group’s 2022 single Egocide, with a blending of popular 90s alt-rock styles. Their overall sound still shines in the light of artists such as Feeder with fuzzy distorted guitars and catchy rhythms. The gritty vocals to match make for another delectable grunge number. The choruses’ drums and chunky guitars smash against the preverbal brick wall and smash against the song’s subject matter.

The song is littered with moments of self-doubt and self-deprecation. The overall sound of the track feels like the band exploring these struggles and venting their personal struggles.

The early guitars have an innocent subtlety to them because kicking into the group’s classic rhythms. The snare hits are quite a presence in the early part of the song. As ‘Fear’ is repeated throughout the verse lines, the energy builds as the snare pounding develops into galloping rhythms.

Listeners are treated to more guitar exploration in the bridge like in Egocide. The lead notes rip through the grooving bass and pounding drums making this an adventurous alt-rock track. The way the verses build into the choruses is seamless, but the variety on offer is there with the constant tempo changes and guitar alterations. It is nice to hear more of the bass breaking through from the other instruments, however, its heavier tones do compliment a darker side the guitars try to create.

It’s a pleasure to hear how this band is progressing with their raw and fuzzy sound. They rip through tracks like a force to be reckoned with, yet remain quite melodic at the same time. The Hiddn may just be the next alt-rock act to do something different.