We Review the New Single from The Hybris – I Keep the Wolves Away

“We felt like doing something ‘different’”, international alt-rockers The Hybris outline on their website. And while it’s a noble mantra espoused by many bands, few seem to live up to it. Thankfully, that’s not the case here.

Though all three members met in Germany, as they navigated their chosen country’s seedy musical underbelly in various punk, rock, and alternative bands before coming together as the Hybris, the trio now span the globe, with members in L.A, Nice and Cologne. This, coupled with their varied influences, is what allows the band to stand out from their contemporaries.

Take the latest single ‘I Keep the Wolves Away’ for instance. A dark, haunting guitar opens the proceedings. Understated and brooding, it’s joined by an almost militant drumbeat, instantly establishing the track as something much heavier than many of their previous releases.

Though recorded remotely, there’s a surprising level of cohesion for a single recorded across continents. Vocals intertwine, veering between a clean traditional rock delivery to something straight out of the ‘80s hardcore handbook. It’s a dichotomy that’s reflected throughout the track. Sparse verses allow the lyrics to really resonate, while weighty and impactful choruses provide a sense of catharsis that’s missing from the more understated sections.

Of course, it goes without saying that such alternative influences won’t be for everyone, and those with a more delicate disposition should probably walk away now. For anyone that’s grown up worshipping at the alters of thrash metal, ‘90s alternative, or even nu-metal, there’s plenty to enjoy across the track’s almost-four-minute run time. An interesting release from a band that defies expectations.