We review the new single from THE HYBRIS – What If

‘What if we take our last chance? What if we save the world?’. These are heavy-hitting lyrics for a heavy-hitting song. ‘What If’ is the brand-new single from the band that literally comes from all over the world, THE HYBRIS.

With members living in Cologne, Nice, and L.A., THE HYBRIS is the alternative rock project of three friends who are collaborating to spread their music all over the world.

The newest addition to their catalogue of tracks is a punchy and energetic one, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s further enhanced by catchy riffs and in-your-face vocals that are packed into a well-produced sound that makes for an enticing three-minute release.

It certainly is impressive to learn the band is working together across different sides of the world. Perhaps this does have an effect on some of the chemistry you might get from a tightly knit band, but it’s commendable, nonetheless. In fact, it’s a sign of the changing possibilities and routes that have opened up within the music industry with the advance in technology that allow more and more people to be creative in different ways.

You can only find it interesting how more acts like THE HYBRIS may form and bring new music to our ears in different ways. We’ll let this international band lead the way in showing us.