Bands like nothing less than being told they play a certain genre. The Idle Silence navigate this by letting us know upfront that they’re a ‘noisy, spiky, indie-grunge-punk-pop band from Somerset.’

That description is prosaic for good reason. As evident as the Green Day influence is, new single ‘Close’ owes as much to The Vines for its trashiness as it does to My Chemical Romance for the single’s artwork.

There’s even a nod to The Ramones in the way the guitar solo enters the mix, as if to say – ‘there ought to be a guitar solo now’ – which is a touch.

For as simplistic as ‘Close’ is, the lack of pretence and militant authority about the track appeals to the more atavistic strands of punk.

Where The Idle Silence are lacking is in their energy. Less of a firework and more of a sparkler, it’s a well-performed but routine creation. Sounding like they know the song almost too well, there’s a lack of punch.

The drums keep things moving, sounding as ruthless and lively as expected. If all instruments reached that level, the performance would gain the intensity to suit.

That said, it is a comfortable and coherent listen. Fans of punk’s more minimalist aspects are likely to approach this without wanting the music to be as enraged as some of the genre’s most gnarled. But some added aggression from The Idle Silence would be welcomed on future tracks.