We review the new single from The Idle Silence – Dark Matter

A strong return for Taunton rockers as they pump up the power with this new track, finding a new level of grit and producing their best song to date.

This new track is a real gear shift and sees them take an enthrallingly darker turn from their previous material. Exploring new, murkier horizons to the EP that they shared with us not even a month ago, Dark Matter lives up to its title and more. With infinitely greater depth in this sound, they have sacrificed some of the melodic charm that came with the jangly indie sound which ran though their EP, but have been rewarded with an altogether more striking and memorable sound.

Every element throughout this new track feels like it’s been amped up several notches. The guitar rhythms pour endlessly through the speakers now, relentlessly grabbing your attention as they fight for dominance in this tune full of fierce sounds. The vocals too just go that bit harder than we’ve heard previously. It all feels more real, rawer, and more impassioned, and leaves a much stronger impression on you once its five minutes are up.

After their well praised, well put together this is a bold track to follow up with a mere few weeks later, but that bravery has paid dividends. It’s undeniably a powerful forward step for the band and one that will set them up perfectly to keep exploring their sound and finding more interesting and exciting avenues with what is to come.