We review the new single from The Kaves – Migraines

This brand new track from Glasgow indie rockers The Kaves captures the imagination with both its lyrics and the instrumentals. Simultaneously a jangly indie tune and a deeper gripe about different things, it sets the mood perfectly for the last few days of sun before winter begins to creep in.

At the core of Migraines is quite a fun whilst also minimal guitar pattern which carries the track along, flashing into little glittery riffs between verses with an almost Stokes-esque eye for turning the simple into the eye-catching. The little subtle changes in tempo and power give it a real wonderful warmth to the whole instrumental side of the track.

These uplifting riffs definitely soften the angst of the lyrics which bemoan people and situations with a quite magnificent narrative quality as they amble along. “Migraines from the shit you tell me” becomes an almost anthemic cry. A melancholic memorable line is matched by the equally gritty vocals which belt it out, giving a real rawness to the track and making it feel like much more than a simple indie-pop track.

Migraines is a tremendously crafted track, where each part seems to contrast with others while somehow also heightening the value of the other elements, and what you are left with is a tune that is both enjoyable and meaningful. With this song, they have achieved the balance which throughout alternative rock has always been the bedrock, a track that makes you want to dance, whilst also make you want to think. An outstanding effort, and definitely more to come.