We review the new single from The Kecks – Tonight Might Be Different

Tonight Might Be Different’ is the latest, and first physical release from German four-piece, The Kecks.

Based in Hamburg, the group bring the fuzz of American indie-rock to Europe. Channeling a not-so-subtle nod to The Strokes through their mid-heavy, overdriven chords, monotonic vocals, and groovy bass lines, you don’t have to look far and wide to see where the band derives their influence from.

The band’s third single has a firmer sense of self shining through than their prior releases; it doesn’t try to be overly extravagant or out there, it’s simply just an obvious take on American indie rock that works fairly well for the four-piece. There are times throughout the track where the vocals take a more commanding lead, throwing a hint of dramaticism into the works with a kind of Matt Bellamy approach to their performance.

The drums work through an interesting mix- whether this was a stylistic choice or a product of disjointed production I’m not too sure. It feels like they were trying to create a disco sounding style, but leaves the drums a little too far forward in the mix and far more crisp than I would have personally seen fit for the genre of music. That being said, they certainly fit the lively atmosphere the band seem to be pushing forward.

Tonight Might Be Different’ certainly grew on me the more I listened to it. The initial aura of indie rock can often appear quite mundane at first glance, but The Kecks show that it can be a little more than the average hit we’re so used to taking. The groove of the bass line certainly adds a much needed flare of energy, keeping the vibrance of the track humbly alive throughout its duration.

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