We review the new single from The King Rooks – Disguise

A brilliant return for this Folkestone fourpiece as they follow up on their first two singles last year with yet another powerful, riff driven track that grabs you from the get go and refuses to relent throughout.

Since they introduced themselves with their debut track Mary back last year, one we described as “rip-roaring, no-nonsense rock song”, they have gone from strength to strength, somehow maintaining the energy levels whilst perfecting their sound, and this third offering from them is the best of the lot so far. All of the ingredients from the previous two singles are bought back. The big electric guitar riffs, the almost overwhelming drum patterns, the booming bass, and of course those uniquely piercing vocals.

Any fears that they may have strayed from or softened their sound are extinguished in the first few seconds as a piercing guitar intro reassures you that they are sticking to their fierce, energetic approach to making music, one that has served them well so far.

Another element they have maintained from their previous releases, and one that seems to becoming almost a trademark from them, is the huge anthemic chorus. The explosion of sounds they manage to release in the chorus instantly conjures up imagery of it being played at a festival, in a packed tent, with the crowd screaming each word back, something I truly believe isn’t out of their reach at some point in the future if they keep producing music like this.

We’re yet to hear anything not up to a ridiculously big (and loud) standard from these guys yet, and I expect that will continue as they show no signs of slowing down. These are most definitely ones to keep a close eye on with much, much more to come from them in the future.