We review the new single from The King Rooks – Mary

This new tune the Folkestone rockers boots down the door and grabs your attention with tenacious force. Fuelled by adrenaline but with tight instrumentals to back it up, Mary is a rip-roaring, no-nonsense rock song from the moment it begins.

This track was described by the band in their interview with RGM as a “Balls to the wall rock song”, and that really isn’t far off the mark. Carried along by roaring guitars and unrelenting drums throughout, this is a track that grabs you by the collar and refuses to let go. It’s a testament to the vocals that they are able to pierce through the noise and manage to still be the driving force being the track.

As any big rock song must, it comes complete with a hard-hitting, endorphin-inducing chorus that unapologetically muscles its way in whenever the track is seeming to level out a little. With these relentless energy level you could perhaps slightly forgive them for relying on that slightly, and letting the fine points below it slip a little. On the contrary, this is an undeniably tight track, where each element adds its own little something, and all come together to create a very impressively tight final piece.

All in all, Mary feels like it’s been taken straight out of the classic rock song playbook. Fierce guitar riffs? Check. Piercing vocals? Check. Big, in-your-face chorus? Double-check. Whilst it may be a well-trodden path they have taken, it has its own charm, and the tightness and energy they have packed into these nearly-four-minutes is highly commendable. We might just be returning to a resting heart rate by the time their next track is offered up, lets hope it’s not too long.