Hoping maybe solidifies The K’s status as one to watch as they bring back euphoria to the Indie scene. They breed everything Rock N Roll and have worked tirelessly since 2017 to lay the ground to build up. Seeing them perform on the main stage at Reading Festival was a triumphant moment witnessing the pride that their audience oozed for them. Ryan and Jamie’s on-stage chemistry is a special site to see alone, a tightness that cannot be broken.

All four of the lads beam in fact, whilst placing the fire back into the same circulation of bands with a newfound carnage and gratitude.

They have a special bond with their fans, one that has integrated and transferred from the height of the 90’s Manchester scene as The K’s replicate peak musical charm. Following on from the success of their 2022 summer, they have announced their 12 date UK headliner tour, starting in Glasgow and finishing in Nottingham, with many shows already sold out. Live shows are at the foundations to The K’s works, letting off steam and giving a victorious experience to all, no matter how small the show. 

There’s a sense of calm with Hoping Maybe, an acoustic ballad. A troubled mind and an open heart. Jamie’s lyrics feel more personal this time, compassion shining through the gaps of the striped back instrumentation.“I was Hoping Maybe you might know how to save me, you might know how to save me.” Is the line that turns the song into a field full of bucket hats and chanted back lyrics, just as Nathan’s drumming kicks in.

Hoping Maybe may be new to us but has been perfected over the years, one that is close to the bands hearts. One that takes us on a journey of a night out, in search of someone familiar. They have a confidence that places them at the front of everyone’s minds, a self-assurance within them that doesn’t tip into overconfident pr*cks but allows you to have the best time in the company of their newfound glory. Dexter is a constant propellant within this, with riffs that can be recognized a mile away.

Hoping Maybe is just another example of them working their charisma. They create songs with such emotional volume, that you just know they have fine-tuned every note in the studio to tick the boxes for their recognizable devotion and underlying affection for what they do. They may be known for sweaty drink flying gigs with heavier tracks ‘Glass Towns’ and ‘Sarajevo’ but they’ve just added another string to their bow which has the same effect almost effortlessly. They continue to be a band to riot to, a buzz which will undoubtedly continue to hum throughout 2023. Let’s have it!