We review the new single from The Last Chaperones – Sidewinder πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

From the sunny shores of LA, comes an indie bop from an exciting new band, The Last Chaperones.

The new single, Sidewinder is a glossy piece of summer flare with upbeat indie guitars and classic UK indie imitation to match.

The chorus descends on you in a dreamy state with harmonised vocals that say it’s time to enjoy these warm evenings. Though a sidewinder is of the venomous variety, nothing of such a harsh description is felt in this track.

Even the guitar tones mixed with electronics are warm and fill out the vast majority of the track whilst letting the vocals get all caught up inside. The beauty of the tones and rhythms is that the group really let the drums come out to play with excessive snare hits that both fit the rhythm of Sidewinder, and adds whole new energy to the track.

For a band to write something this catchy and wholesome so early on only makes me think there are plenty more indie bangers in the pipeline.