Set to release their second album “From Nothing To A Little Bit More” in February 2023 Wigan based indie band The Lathums new single “Say My Name” is an exhilaratingly paced throwback to the 2000s indie era.  

Beginning with the classic rhythmic guitar of any indie hit “Say My Name” is clearly a track that intends on being anthemic. With lyrics portraying a conversation between someone alive and a loved one who has passed, the intention of the track is to be inspiring rather than depressing with the electrifying guitar and racing percussion.

Sounding much like their earlier work, “Say My Name” evokes memories of belting your lungs out in the rain at a festival as your favourite 2000s indie rock act performs a track everyone in the crowd knows the words to off by heart.  

Filled with energy and bags of enthusiasm “Say My Name” is a single that sets The Lathums new album up to be full of crowd-pleasing hooks and feel ready and prepared for the live stage. Although it is not much different from their usual style and is quite formulaic the track stands up on its own.

Hopefully, in their next album, The Lathums will demonstrate that whilst they know their genre, they are also able to think outside the box. For the time being, “Say My Name” is a track that probably won’t win over those who aren’t sold on the classic indie rock sound but will give the fans something to look forward to.