Guildford’s The Lunar Keys are musical philanthropists. In light of the band’s guitarist – affectionately known as The Steve – spending time in the care of nurses at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, the band has taken it upon themselves to donate £1 to that same hospital, for each of the first 250 reviews of their latest single ‘MANIAC’.

Previous music from the band has funded other causes like environmental initiatives, so their generous nature is longstanding. Nonetheless, it’s an admirable gesture that this review gladly contributes towards.

Appropriately maniacal in presentation, the band’s newest release is a piece of deranged pop rock detailing the oppressive position of a protagonist, persistently preyed upon by an antagonistic character.

Group-sung vocals refer to this protagonist as a ‘maniac’ who, under the oppressor’s frenetic power, is ‘caught in a trap’. Throughout the song, vocals are somehow flatteringly untidy and audibly combustible, as derailed lyrics are supported by a buoyant instrumental.

While the band’s playing is at times lacking in togetherness, each constituent part competes to be the punchiest in an anarchic display. Gliding bass passages ignite rigid guitar riffs that are simultaneously chunky yet constrained when necessary.

The recording itself is remarkably loud and aggressive; gnashing animalistically from the speakers, peaking during a frantically performed guitar solo. It’s an unkempt song, but it’s probably best that way.