We review the new single from The Lunar Keys – Stop This

How do I Stop This? Now that I got this. How do I block this? I gotta find a way to block these feelings out.

These are questions that The Lunar Keys ask in their new single ‘Stop This’, and can only be described as relatable. The weight of these words only become heavier when you find out what they’re about.

Explaining themselves, the band said ‘The song pulls from the darker side of our human emotions, the fact that we’re not always in the driving seat when it comes to our thoughts and feelings.’. No matter whether or not you like the song, you have to admire the motive and show some appreciation.

Fortunately for the band, however, it’s a strong track too.

A classic rock-pop song that is scattered with synth and supported by its rhythm section bedrock. Everything is topped by its immensely catchy chorus that will ring in your head for days. Travelling lyrics guide their way through the song, and don’t feel jagged or misplaced at any point. It makes for a sturdy tune that you wouldn’t question if you came across it in the charts.

It has to be said that it’s not the most original concept from the Guildford group, and you’ll get the feeling you’ve heard a song like this before. Nevertheless, it’s an easy listen. 

Adding to the appeal, the band have vowed to put their money where their mouths are, promising that for each of their first 250 airplays they will donate £1 to the music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins. 

Let’s show some support and give this track a big push!