We review the new single from The Maddocks – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Fresh for 2023, Stockport quartet The Maddocks serve up their definitely-danceable debut single ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’.

Not just old school mates, the members were in fact all born in the same Stockport hospital back at the turn of the millennium. But despite this life-long connection, the band only formed a little under a year ago. Having each been in different musical projects previously, The Maddocks came to be in Spring of 2022.

After just mere months of song-writing and rehearsals (plus a sold-out gig back in December), we’re now gifted with the curiously named ‘That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’.
The band explain, “We’re always getting ourselves into mad situations and laughing about daft stuff, and that’s basically where the song name came from.” (There’s also a story about a spilled Pot Noodle to go with that quote.) And it’s this particular daftness that truly shines through here. Honing that certain jangly post-punk sound à la Sports Team, Eades and Yard Act – The Maddocks shy away from the typical cynicism so synonymous with that genre. Instead, they have fun with it.

Running at just over three and a half minutes – you’d be forgiven for thinking it was much shorter such is the fleeting nature of this track. A frenetic frenzy of offbeat angular guitar sounds and punchy drums. Echoing vocals from George Edwards (the aforementioned Pot Noodle-spiller if you were wondering) are spat with playful yet incredibly forthright vigour.

“Life is a pantomime / It’s messing with my state of mind”

Written, recorded, and mixed by the band themselves in their Fallowfield rehearsal room, the track was mastered by Geoff Pesche (Lily Allen, Blur, Yard Act) at Abbey Road Studios no less. It’s a daringly bold debut, that’s for sure – bringing an energy that’s pretty damn infectious.