Blurring the line between indie and punk – 4 piece band The Matchbox, authors of debut single “Moulin Rouge” are about to reveal their latest edition “HOW D’YA FEEL ABOUT TONIGHT” on February the 11th 2022! As they are currently preparing for their upcoming gig in Manchester, The Matchbox are spreading the word whilst in parallel recording new music.

This track debuts with gritty guitar sound paired with drums which slowly unravel to create suspense and peak the listener’s curiosity. As the curtains unfold and the show takes place, the lead singer rocks sassy lyrics and innate confidence which will make you want to book a ticket to see them live ASAP. Throughout the song, the instruments tease listeners as they interchange their cadence which changes the rhythm. This greatly shapes the general intensity of the song by adding texture and newness. The lyrics paired with the melody are very powerful as they push us to crave spontaneity, impulsivity, and urge us to live in the moment and do what the hell we want.

Towards the end of the song, an intriguing yet complex guitar riff takes us by surprise and keeps us on our toes until the end. The song picks up again with layered harmonies and echoes which resonate deeply within our core.

This track will boost your confidence, and energize you when you need it. The somewhat sinister sounds smoothly blend into the captivating narrative held by the lead singer. Production-wise, the band made sure not to overpower any instrument over another, by strategically playing around the intensity of each party to achieve the look&feel they want to convey. You will probably never get sick of you it, as it has so many new components added throughout, which you will recognize over time and rediscover day by day.

The artwork chosen to represent the track is as complex and impressive as the song itself, you’ll definitely have your eyes glued onto it trying to figure out the meaning of each piece for a while.